Cube Announces New Intelligent Capabilities to Accelerate Development of AI and Embedded Analytics Solutions

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 4:12pm UTC

Cube Announces New Intelligent Capabilities to Accelerate Development of AI and Embedded Analytics Solutions

PR Newswire

Customers can build next-generation data experiences faster and easier with Cube Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Cube today announced new intelligent capabilities to accelerate the development of AI and embedded analytics solutions. These include AI API, now in preview, and chart prototyping for Cube Cloud. The new capabilities of Cube Cloud enable customers to simplify and accelerate the development of AI and embedded analytics solutions, based on the flexible foundation of its universal semantic layer.

"Customers like Spyne and Quantatec are already benefiting from the context provided by a universal semantic layer," said Artyom Keydunov, Co-founder and CEO of Cube. "Knowing the importance of the universal semantic layer to accurate LLM outputs, we were inspired by these customer use cases to simplify and accelerate development with the AI API. Now, Cube provides a standard interface for interacting with OpenAI as a turnkey solution for text-to-semantic layer queries."

No more "from scratch" LLM integrations
Generative AI requires an understanding of entities and relationships in order to reason — and avoid hallucinations. Cube Cloud's universal semantic layer gives large language models (LLMs) the context they need to make sense of data and produce more accurate outputs. In addition, Cube Cloud ensures that data used in AI applications can be trusted and remains secure.

With Cube's new native AI API, customers no longer need to build complex integrations between LLMs and Cube Cloud, simplifying and accelerating the development of AI Agents and chatbots. Users of any skill level can benefit from AI solutions using intelligent, conversational data interactions, lowering the barrier to entry with natural language. The AI API is now available in preview and will be generally available this fall. Please reach out to Cube sales to join the pilot program.

Effortless chart prototyping
In addition to the new AI API, Cube Cloud now offers chart prototyping for embedded analytics use cases. Embedded analytics is valuable for driving improved operational efficiency and insights in the context of workflows. These curated experiences make data more relevant in-the-moment for both internal and external users.

With chart prototyping in Cube Cloud, users can generate front-end TypeScript code from Playground 2.0 for faster time-to-market. They can preview chart types before embedding them in an application and choose from native REST or GraphQL APIs to integrate with their solutions. Anyone can try Chart Prototyping today with the free developer instance of Cube Cloud.

About Cube
Cube's universal semantic layer, Cube Cloud, helps companies manage and optimize their analytics workflows. Any data source can be optimized for performance, accuracy, and consistency before being fed into any data application: internal, external, human, or bot-facing. Cube Cloud is installed on 90,000 servers and used by 4.9 million users. Customers include 203 companies in the Fortune 1000. Based in San Francisco, Cube is backed by Decibel, Bain Capital Ventures, Betaworks, and Eniac Ventures. To learn more, visit

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