Enhancing Rural Healthcare Access through Remote Patient Monitoring: A New White Paper by Impilo

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 4:05pm UTC

Enhancing Rural Healthcare Access through Remote Patient Monitoring: A New White Paper by Impilo

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PHILADELPHIA, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Impilo, a leader in remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its latest white paper, "Enhancing Rural Healthcare Access through Remote Patient Monitoring." This paper explores the challenges faced by rural communities in accessing quality healthcare and highlights how Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is assisting in providing quality care to patients from the comfort of their homes.

Rural communities across the United States are home to nearly 20% of the population, yet they often face significant barriers in accessing healthcare services. Limited resources, shortage of healthcare providers, and geographical challenges contribute to delays in care, poorer health outcomes, and increased mortality rates for individuals with chronic conditions. Providers and healthcare organizations alike are emphasizing the urgent need for innovative solutions to improve healthcare access in rural areas.

Remote Patient Monitoring emerges as a solution to address these challenges. By allowing patients to monitor their health from home, RPM reduces the need for frequent trips to healthcare facilities, leading to cost savings and improved patient outcomes. Our observation details the implementation of RPM programs in rural healthcare settings and highlights the success of initiatives such as The Good Food Rx, by the Arkansas Rural Health Partnership (ARHP).

"By utilizing remote monitoring tools and centralizing their information, ARHP is able to challenge traditional healthcare delivery and provide care to patients that previously had limited access to care facilities. Together, we're making a difference in healthcare access for communities in need." - Josh Stein, CEO & Founder of Impilo

The Good Food Rx initiative, funded by the USDA Delta Healthcare Services grant, aims to improve health outcomes by providing healthy food options to seniors with chronic diseases experiencing food insecurity. Through this initiative, ARHP has demonstrated the positive impact of RPM on health outcomes and patient satisfaction in rural Arkansas.

Impilo is committed to advancing healthcare access in rural communities through virtual care solutions, such as RPM. The white paper serves as a call to action for stakeholders of Rural Health clinics to invest in virtual care programs and support initiatives that improve healthcare access for all.

To download the full white paper, "Enhancing Rural Healthcare Access through Remote Patient Monitoring," please visit https://impilo.health/blog/enhancing-rural-healthcare-access-through-rpm/

For more information about Impilo and its RPM solutions, please contact marketing@impilo.health.

About Impilo:
Impilo enables virtual care organizations to bring healthcare into the home with connected device operations. Our plug-and-play solution enables the use of remote monitoring devices, supplies, and sensors in the home by providing logistics, tech-enabled support services, and API infrastructure to enhance virtual care offerings. Learn more at www.impilo.health

About Arkansas Rural Health Partnership (ARHP):
The Arkansas Rural Health Partnership (ARHP) is a nonprofit healthcare network consisting of 18 rural hospital members, 3 medical teaching institutions, and 2 Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) throughout rural Arkansas. ARHP's mission is to pioneer a new rural health reality by addressing the unique challenges faced by rural communities, including healthcare access, food insecurity, and poverty. Through innovative programs and partnerships, such as the Good Food Rx initiative, ARHP is committed to improving health outcomes and reducing health disparities in rural Arkansas.

To learn more about the Arkansas Rural Health Partnership and its initiatives, visit ARHP's website.

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