Link Between Oral Health and Bodily Health Underlines Value of Dental Hygiene, says Premier Care Dental Center

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Monday, May 30, 2022 at 10:00pm UTC

Link Between Oral Health and Bodily Health Underlines Value of Dental Hygiene, says Premier Care Dental Center

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The Pasadena-based dental center comments on a recent article that, by preserving their oral health, patients can also help ensure their overall wellbeing.

PASADENA, Calif., May 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- An April 9 article published by WBG Talk Radio reports on the negative effects of poor oral health on overall physical health. The article discusses how individuals who fail to maintain proper oral hygiene have an increased likelihood of numerous dangerous conditions including heart disease and strokes, premature birth, diabetes, dementia, respiratory problems, and erectile dysfunction. Premier Care Dental Group says that the article underscores information long known by the dental community: people who don't take good care of their teeth are at high risk not only for tooth loss and gum disease but several life-threatening or debilitating conditions. A strong oral hygiene routine complemented by professional assistance can go a long way in preserving a patient's overall wellbeing.

Premier Care Dental Group suggests that people who want to make the most of their oral and overall health should make every effort to brush their teeth for two full minutes, about 30 minutes after finishing each meal. The center notes that while it may seem counterintuitive to wait after eating to brush, there's a good reason to do this. When a person eats sugary or acidic food, the enamel of their teeth tends to demineralize so brushing during this vulnerable period can actually damage tooth enamel. It's best to wait until the oral environment has regained its native pH environment, says the dental office.

Once it's time to brush, the center recommends gentle but thorough brushing actions for about two minutes using a toothpaste with fluoride for the best effect. Premier Care Dental Group adds that flossing in between teeth and using mouthwash are also helpful in cleaning otherwise hard-to-reach spots. However, the Pasadena oral healthcare center says that a good dental hygiene routine isn't enough to preserve oral health by itself: general dentistry is a must to prevent oral ailments from sneaking up on the teeth and gums.

The office notes that strong oral hygiene is obviously a must, but oral-borne illnesses can still creep in. The amount of bacteria the human mouth is exposed to daily is so significant that an infection of some kind is always a risk, but it doesn't have to become serious. A dentist can spot an issue even at an early stage, form an effective treatment plan, and nip an issue in the bud.

Premier Care Dental Group says that, by visiting a dentist every so often for a checkup, patients give themselves the best chance of defeating an oral ailment before it ever has a chance to do any real harm.

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