N FILMS Secures $100M Deal to Transform Hollywood with Real Diversity, Inclusion, and Care About Emerging Actors and Authors

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Monday, May 29, 2023 at 5:23pm UTC

N FILMS Secures $100M Deal to Transform Hollywood with Real Diversity, Inclusion, and Care About Emerging Actors and Authors

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A bold partnership to increase market capacity by bringing in global co-creators and groundbreaking innovations.

LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Los Angeles-based international film company N FILMS has sealed a momentous $100 million deal with an undisclosed Middle East investment fund. This collaboration will provide meaningful funding, covering up to 75% of the budget, for the production of four upcoming feature films.

With a $100M deal, N FILMS ignites Hollywood transition, bringing diversity, inclusion, and new voices to the forefront.

"We are particularly confident in this partnership because it's not solely an achievement of N FILMS—it's a unique opportunity for every unheard voice, every untold story, every underappreciated talent. This agreement strengthens our steadfast commitment to defending 'creative equality' and the authentic cultural richness of the global community. Our mission is to craft a Hollywood that genuinely reflects the world around us and is truly for everyone," stated Alexander N, the founder and General Producer of N FILMS.

N FILMS pioneers innovative approaches to managing creative teams and processes, as well as discovering outstanding talents worldwide. Its unique 'inclusive-royalty program' revolutionizes how contributors in film development and production earn revenue, ensuring each collaborator receives a lifetime income from their ideas and efforts invested. This fosters personal financial independence for everyone from their very first project at N FILMS.

A proprietary risk-free film financing system has been developed to attract investors, even those unrelated to the film industry, including tech venture capital companies and private money. Furthermore, N FILMS integrates a revolutionary AI model that significantly reduces production time, costs, and risks, while enabling almost a 90% accurate prediction of box office performance and the audience's interests by the time a movie is released.

Viewers, authors, and actors should prepare for thought-provoking narratives, captivating performances, and unforgettable stories, calling you to be an active participant and co-creator. To provoke, to inspire, and to spark conversations.

"N FILMS is a rockstar among film companies. While industry whales like Netflix and Disney struggle with the size and heeding issues, we are igniting the dawning of Hollywood2, where every voice resonates, every story matters, and every face finds its place in the spotlight. We listen, we learn, we educate. And we are hungry, fluid, and fearless to lead the change," Alexander N emphasized.

Funds primarily of Middle East and U.S. origin are consolidated in London, UK, to finance distinctive yet profitable films targeted for the U.S. and worldwide distribution. The strategic goal of the three-year collaboration is to compete with Focus Features and BRON Studios in the mid-budget film market for theatrical and streaming distribution.


N FILMS is an AI-powered and world-geniuses-driven international film company based in Los Angeles. Its proprietary method for spotting next-gen genius authors ensures generating fresh revolutionary vision with every project. By harnessing the power of AI predictive forecasting intelligence and comprehensive Big Data analysis, which encompasses a vast database of over 95,000 films and 600,000 talents, N FILMS makes informed decisions and strategically plans every aspect of a film project with an accuracy rate of over 85%.

ABOUT Alexander N  

Alexander N is a Hollywood-educated film producer, visionary entrepreneur, and influencer. With a sincere trust in every emerging talent, a strong commitment to equality in teamwork, and a passion for social innovating, he is the founder and driving force behind the N FILMS initiatives.


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